Tensile Tester with 5T – 50T Load Cells

Service Overview: Presenting our top-tier Tensile Tester, equipped with load cells ranging from 5T to 50T. This sophisticated system, operated by our elite Bickers engineers, is tailored for high-precision tensile testing in diverse environments, ensuring results that adhere to stringent industry standards.

Key Features:

  1. Broad Range: The unit boasts load cells ranging from 5T to 50T, accommodating a wide spectrum of testing needs.
  2. Precision Technology: Integrating advanced components for reliable tensile strength measurements across various materials.
  3. Safety First: Fully compliant with industry safety standards, ensuring a protected environment for operators and equipment alike.
  4. Digital Interface: A comprehensive digital interface that provides real-time results, streamlining operations and data interpretation.


  • Assessing material strength across manufacturing sectors.
  • Load testing in construction and civil engineering domains.
  • Critical quality assurance protocols for high-stakes production environments.
  • Essential for industries such as aerospace, automotive, maritime, and heavy machinery manufacturing.

Service Provisions by Bickers Engineers:

  • Setup & Calibration: Expert Bickers engineers ensure optimal setup and precise calibration before each testing session.
  • Operation & Monitoring: Our engineers manage the tester, ensuring accurate readings and utmost safety during the process.
  • Data Analysis: Once testing concludes, our team will provide a detailed analysis of the data, offering actionable insights.
  • Validity of Tests: We place a strong emphasis on the authenticity of each test. Every result is validated against our stringent criteria, ensuring consistent reliability.
  • Maintenance & Support: Rigorous checks and frequent maintenance routines are conducted, guaranteeing the tester’s optimal performance.

Safety Precautions:

  • The tester is to be securely stationed in a designated area for safe operation.
  • Bickers engineers will don the requisite protective gear throughout the testing phase.
  • A clear radius around the tester is maintained, ensuring non-operational personnel are at a safe distance.
  • All operations are conducted in adherence to the provided safety guidelines and protocols.

Service Fee: Pricing structures are based on the exact testing requirements, duration, and location. For a tailored quote fitting your needs, kindly reach out to our sales department.